Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Australian Crying Wolfe

Australian Crying Wolfe

Australia has been crying wolfed for a long time. The corporate government of Australia has been muddling around with other countries for a long time and thereby creating foreign enemies. Luckily, nothing much happened inside Australia despite the fact that Australia has been wasting 55 million dollars a day for war and hate! Islam and Arab bashings are the most popular sports in the town. In the midst of all of the above we must examine the following for the sake of objectivity and fairness.

Initially we were told:
1. A Scotland Yard Official will inter view
Dr. Mohamed Haneef and
2. UK government will extradite
Dr. Mohamed Haneef.

So, we would like to know, what was the outcome of the Scotland Yard Official’s interview with the doctor? Why the hell the UK government did not want to extradite
Dr. Mohamed Haneef?

The racist and fascist
Howard government is infamous for inciting racism, sectarianism, prejudice and bigotry. They have engineered the “truth over board affairs”, doctored photographs and many more dirty things to win elections earlier. I won’t be surprise if he is repeating his old tricks! Attorney General Philip Ruddock and Legs are Open for Business motivates us to examine further instead of trusting them blindly.

Faruque Ahmed

Mohamed Haneef 'was told to flee in webchat'
By David Crawshaw
July 31, 2007 07:53pm
Article from: AAP
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AN online chatroom conversation between Mohamed Haneef and his brother after the failed UK bomb plot was behind Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews' decision to cancel the doctor's visa..

Under pressure to explain why he would not reinstate Dr Haneef's visa after the dropping of a charge against the former terror suspect, the minister today made public previously unreleased material to justify his stance.

But he stopped short of publishing all the police information, after Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty warned it could jeopardise ongoing investigations.

Mr Andrews released advice from Solicitor-General David Bennett, QC, who found the minister had reason to suspect the Indian doctor had associated with criminals and thus had grounds to cancel his visa on July 16.

The visa was revoked hours after Dr Haneef was granted bail by a Brisbane court on a charge of recklessly supporting a terrorist organisation.

Mr Andrews said the AFP had told him before making his visa decision that police suspected the internet conversation may be evidence Dr Haneef had prior knowledge of the UK bomb plot.

He said Dr Haneef appeared to have used the birth of his daughter in India as a "false pretext" to urgently get out of Australia on July 2, the day the Gold Coast hospital registrar was arrested at Brisbane airport in connection with the failed UK bomb plot.

"Importantly, there was ... a chat room conversation with Dr Haneef's brother in India on the afternoon before his attempted hasty departure from Australia," Mr Andrews said, citing a record of the second police interview with Dr Haneef.

"In it, the brother of Haneef, Shoaib, says `nothing has been found out about you' and asked when Dr Haneef would be getting out, to which Haneef replied `today'.

"The brother asked whether he had permission to take leave and what he told the hospital.

"Dr Haneef said he told them his baby was born in an emergency caesarean. The brother told him to `tell them that you have to leave) as you have a daughter born, do not tell them anything else'.

"The brother then said not to delay his departure and not to let anyone else use his number in Australia, nor to give it to anyone.

"The brother added that `auntie' told him that brother Kafeel used it in some sort of project over there," Mr Andrews said, in a reference to UK bombing accused Kafeel Ahmed.

Mr Andrews said Dr Haneef had not applied for leave until after receiving two phone calls, including one from India in which he was told there was an issue with the SIM card he had lent to his cousin Sabeel Ahmed, arrested in connection with the plot to bomb Park Lane in London and Glasgow airport.

"The whole circumstances surrounding Haneef's attempted hasty departure from Australia, including chatroom conversations, when viewed against his clear prior association with the Ahmed brothers, led me to form a reasonable suspicion as required by the migration legislation," Mr Andrews said.

Dr Haneef's lawyer Peter Russo ridiculed the Government's latest move.

He said the information had been available to the Director of Public Prosecutions long before the case collapsed.

"(Mr Andrews) has led the Australian public to believe that this is the secret information. It is hardly secret information if it was put to my client in the second record of interview," Mr Russo told Southern Cross Broadcasting from India.

"And therefore, the Director of Public Prosecutions would have had access to that when they were making their judgment call (to drop the case).

"It is more smoke and mirrors from the minister."

Mr Russo called on the Government to "stop their campaign of innuendo and slander" against his client.

The Government has ruled out apologising to Dr Haneef for his treatment.

The release of the information today should take pressure off Mr Andrews, who has faced a torrid few weeks after the bungled prosecution and accusations he has politicised the case.

Although he claims to have been victimised by Australian authorities during his four weeks behind bars, Dr Haneef, now at home in India, has said he would like to return to Australia.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Taxi drivers in language jam

The communication below of 1995 and reply thereby do not support to day's racist outburst. On that time, "The number of taxi drivers suffering from communication problems (e.g. English)" was less than 8% and the department told us, "things are improving". So, what is the real story? Where is the truth?

Taxi drivers in language jam

By Heath Aston

July 23, 2007 01:46am

Article from: The Daily Telegraph

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THE strained relationship between taxi drivers and passengers could be improved if some cabbies spoke better English, a government report suggests.

A special taskforce chaired by former deputy police commissioner Dave Madden has urged the taxi industry to raise the bar for communication skills among the state's 22,000 taxi drivers.

Should the language test for cabbies be tougher? Join the online poll on our homepage.

"Good communication is fundamental to good customer service, and can help avoid confrontation and potentially dangerous situations arising or escalating," the Taxi Industry Safety and Security Taskforce report said.

"In this context, it needs to be acknowledged that at least 60 per cent of Sydney taxi drivers are from non-English speaking backgrounds. For these drivers in particular, the ability to communicate simply and directly is all the more valuable."

The report linked alcohol or drug affected passengers and drivers with poor English skills as a common thread in situations ending in violence.

Six months late, the report comes amid a spate of recent bashings and two murders of cab drivers.

The death of Youbert Hormozi at the hands of two 14-year-old girls sickened Sydney. The body of Coogee cabbie Bob Woodger was found in bushland at Eastwood last month.

But it hasn't been all one-way traffic, with a Gymea cabbie recently accused of the hit-and-run of Jennifer Franco in Miranda. Another driver was accused of stabbing a passenger in Bondi.

Cabbies also came under fire when The Daily Telegraph revealed that some blind citizens were being routinely left on the side of the road by drivers who refuse to take guide dogs in their vehicle on hygiene or religious grounds.

Taxi Council spokeswoman Tracey Caine said the current language test for driver accreditation was the same standard as used in the tourism industry. "It used to only be English language, now it's comprehension as well," she said.

The Taxi Council also runs customer service courses.

For the safety of drivers the report recommended two panic buttons, mandatory security cameras, safety screens, GPS and locks controlled by drivers.

The taskforce also urged the extension of secure taxi ranks and the booking voucher system that is used in 300 pubs, mainly in southwest Sydney.

Patrons must show ID and have details recorded at the venue before they are allowed a cab. Since it began there has not been a violent incident involving a registered passenger.

Mon Jul 23, 2007 5:31 pm

Friday, July 20, 2007

Victory to Peoples Power

Victory to Peoples Power

Victory to peoples power. Four blogs mentioned in my earlier postings below are open for your inspection. However,
Freedom Highway and Nazi Israelites are still under sabotage. I believe in free speech and condemn fascism. Hope with your assistance the unaltered journey of free speech will continue! LONG LIVE FREE SPEECH!

Re: The Toxic Moderation

My initial inquiry suggests that some people connected with the Attorney General of Australia have conspiring to block my blog
Australian Heroes. I am determined to defeat them as they have been promoting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab publications based on false and fabricated materials under the guise of `free speech'. However, the same hypocrites get very upset when anyone dares to expose their disgusting acts like Australian Values, The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk and Legs are Open for Business.

At this stage we can pressure Google and other government and media outlets to examine and expose the real story rather than resort in to secrecy.

--- In USQuagmire@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Richey" wrote:
RE: [USQuagmire] The Toxic Moderation

zionists resent anyone who stand up to them in the media and try to use media mavens like Jesse Jackson against any criticism.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: 7/18/2007 3:06:19 AM
Subject: [USQuagmire] The Toxic Moderation

The Toxic Moderation

My friend Keyser Trad was given this
blog by one of the Rupert Murdoch's evil empire. A closer examination of this blog may reveal something new! A few people are determined to attack Islam and Arabs based on totally false and fabricated materials. This pattern also suggests, some people are teaching their children wrong things about Islam and Christianity and under the Australian law, insulting Muslims and Christians is O.K.

Earlier, I have requested the NSW Education Minister Ms. Carmel Tibbet to examine this issue but the wheel stopped somewhere. One of the education department bureaucrats old me, "we are expecting them (Jews) to teach against Jesus and Mohammad".

Free America Now we do not care about one's race or religion. We are an open forum for debate and discussion. Free speech is our main motto. However, time to time, some people have misused and abused our good manner and intention. Bruce is one of them.

For a long time Bruce has been acting like a pest. He failed to add any value in any debate apart from his insanity and profanity. Many people objected to me about Bruce and a few of them already left the forum in protest.

Today, Bruce is more determined to obstruct a free discussions and open debate by continuously bringing in totally false and manufactured, irrelevant and obscure anti-Arab and anti-Muslim materials. I think the time has come to stop this gobbledygook.

The most innocent
Middle East Formula for Peace was destroyed and blocked in Sydney Indy Media, which is shivering under the Zionist boot as mentioned below. Generally speaking, Sydney Indy Media is a leftist forum and virtually you can write whatever you like. Yet, they too, buckled in to Zionist control. http://sydney.indymedia.org/node/38813 (destroyed by Zionised people of Sydney Indy Media) http://sydney.indymedia.org.au/node/50617 (2nd time hidden).

Even harmless and factual articles like
Nazi Zionists – The Hypocrites, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, The New Weapons of Mass Destruction, THE POLITICS OF MUSLIM AND ARAB BASHING and Who really needs "protection" – Ali or her critics?; are attacked and destroyed by the Nazi Zionists physically because they are not capable to attack them intellectually or otherwise.

To reinforce
Australian Values the The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk and Legs are Open for Business generating the followings:

This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations and is open to authors only

Australian Heroes
If you are an author of this blog, tell us who you are! Sign in using your Account.

The illustrious Prime Minister of Australia misused and abused anti-Terror legislations and conspired a strip search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk to make Israel happy.

Philip Ruddock, the filthy Attorney General of Australia `virtually' asked his daughter to open her legs for Israeli child molester for power as demonstrated in credible links of
Legs are Open for Business.

Penultimately, I am asking Bruce to avoid totally unnecessary racist and sectarian gibberish. Else, I would have no option but initiate moderation, which I vehemently oppose.

--- In freeamericanow@yahoogroups.com, "bruceksim" wrote:

I will see if I can find the address. I do know a few decent muslim people. I have some very good friends who live in the Turkish part of Cyprus. They are close enough that my kids think of them as `uncle and aunt'. My son has a verty good friend who has served with him in East Timor, Iraq and Afghanistan who is a muslim of Lebanese descent. My son describes him as a good `digger'. In our army there is no greater compliment.In the words of Marx `religion is the opiate of the masses'. I agree.

Cheers Bruce

--- In freeamericanow@yahoogroups.com, "Jodie" wrote:

Bruce, you posted the "gentleman's challenge" re: the Muslim religion, but you did not provide an email address of his site in order to reach him. So how can anyone answer his challenges ?? How can anyone debate or discuss issues re: the accusations he throws out ??Btw, I thought you said that you knew many "good" Muslims.Let me say this... The Christian religion is the most polluted religion I can think of. It is full of lies, fairy tales, and loop holes. So are the Jewish and Muslim religions, etc.It appears to me that, in ancient times, humans were superticious and "babes in the woods," and they needed laws and role models to follow within the groups/societies they existed. The invention of Gods and God-like Leaders were the results of these needs.What the world societies need now are Leaders of Humanity... not Gods. Leaders that speak up for the Good of Humanity, not for false gods and the slaughtering of Humanity.