Monday, January 14, 2008

Dave Madden’s Madness

Dave Madden’s Madness

A similar article appeared in the same ‘Telecrap’ with
Dishonest and Greedy Michael Jools. In the name of taxi drivers’ safety they want to increase the taxi fare by 6%. Such an increase is good for the taxi mafia and Cabcharge, as well as “greedy little Mexican” who would like to make some fortune as he did earlier from the Mac Bank at the expense of poor workers. However we won’t allow the overcharging of the traveling public and drivers as they have already paid enough money to ensure taxi drivers’ safety through $1.00 flagfall and $40.00/day “extortion money” through the NSW IRC despite exhausting objections from taxi driver members of the NSW TWU!

Beside the above, with the assistance of the TWU crooks all taxi drivers were forced to pay $40.00 a day earlier for the so called taxi drivers’ safety.

During that period;
1. The taxi radio fee went up,
2. The taxi insurance went up,
3. The taxi lease price went up,
4. The taxi sub lease went up,
5. The taxi sub-sub lease went up,
6. The taxi plate value went up and
7. They made a fortune without providing a safe work place to taxi drivers.

In that time, we begged the NSW Ministry of Transport, NSW Attorney General and NSW WorkCcover Authority to ensure;

1. Taxi is a workplace,
2. The OH&S Act is applicable to every section of the taxi industry regardless of bailor-bailee relationship and
3. The enforcement of the OH&S Act in the taxi industry regardless of bailor-bailee relationship and remove any ambiguity so that all taxi workers will enjoy the most fundamental rights like any other workers of this state and nation.

Faruque Ahmed
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Taxi drivers fear 'unsafe' night shift
January 12, 2008 08:42am
Article from: AAP
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UP to half of NSW taxi drivers feel unsafe working at night, fearing they will be the victim of a physical attack and robbery, new research shows.

Findings of a survey conducted by the Taxi Safety and Security Taskforce reveal fare evasion and intoxicated passengers are among the top concerns for drivers and often went unreported.

The report, prepared by former NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Dave Madden, recommends changes to technical and physical taxi security including the fitting of cameras, improved reporting and policing of incidents, heightened public awareness of taxi security, and a greater link between liquor licensing and public transport.

"The Ministry of Transport will work closely with the taxi industry groups, drivers, unions, the police and other government departments to ensure the recommendations are fully considered," Transport Minister John Watkins said in a statement.

"The government also supports the recommendations for technology initiatives like driver door locks, two emergency buttons in each vehicle, and mandatory security cameras in every taxi from March 1 in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and the central Coast, and other areas from September 1."

Some 1200 taxi drivers were surveyed as part of the report, with 92 per cent of respondents supporting improved safety technology and 91 per cent keen to meet regularly with police to discuss their concerns.

"The report is a practical strategy for improving taxi safety for all NSW passengers and drivers," Acting Secretary of the NSW Transport Workers Union, Wayne Forno said in a statement.

"For those gains to be driven further, this comprehensive strategy needs quick implementation."

Mr Watkins said he has written to the ministers for police, roads and gaming and racing about the taskforce recommendations and said the matters will be considered quickly.

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